About Us

Our Philosophy

  1. Create beauty combining all talents required to do so.
  2. Create a high-end quality product that is original and affordable.
  3. Having a Government certified product that respects renewability of all resources used to create it.
  4. Sustain growth and viability of our resources.
  5. Remunerate our Artisans within the standards of Fair Trade.

Diana Font, our creative designer has been nominated for the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum Design Award. Her projects include Hotels, Ritz Carlton, The Vanderbilt, and Hilton. Restaurants, Lounges, and residences including Government Mansions.

How our Furniture is Built

Having studied Art History and Design, Diana Font’s academic interests and talents guided her toward an appreciation of space and the natural progression of how we fill that space. She was drawn to how nature contributes, in form and concept, to that natural progression which pleases the eye and conforms to our lifestyle.

This has led to the search for the places which made available the prime material for use in our pieces and the people who through tradition and culture maintain the manner of authentic manufacture and where for example, each piece is crafted with handheld carving tools, void of nails and screws.

Our pieces are joined with mortise and tenon to fasten every union, dowels to attach table tops to their supporting frame, hidden dowels to anchor miter joints. Since our beginnings we have worked with the best of tropical hardwoods: Mahogany, Cedar, Fiddle Wood and Conacaste, among others, which we dry to six-degree humidity in an electric kiln which avoids twisting and cracking in order to guarantee the timelessness and quality.

Exquisite hand rubbing finishes, water-based stains which are naturally absorbed by the wood and never discolor, finished with durable polymers that will stand weathering and use, all this and the care that each artisan and the designer contributes, assures that these pieces can be considered an investment which each generation can treasure and recognize its value and beauty.

Why We Do What We Do

There are several principles upon which this business was built and much of our efforts are dedicated to preserving them.

Every piece is an Original Design.

We use only the best materials in the construction of our original designs: Noble Hardwoods and precious Metals like Steel, Stainless Steel, and bronze, perpetuating their intrinsic value.

Our finishes are, sensuous to the touch, resistant and durable polyurethanes.

All our designs are handmade by our Artisans with World Class craftsmanship.

Each and every piece of furniture and every lamp becomes a one of a kind piece, with inimitable value.

Combined with Good Price and attention to detail we strive to offer the client a pleasant and rewarding experience. The result is a durable High-End quality piece at an affordable price.

The benefit of acquiring our product is tremendous.