Important Factors That Make a Kitchen High-End, Part 2

Important Factors That Make a Kitchen High-End, Part 2

Previously, we discussed the first factor that leads to define our kitchen cabinets as high-end, which is that they are made with the best quality hardwoods. In this article, we will talk about the structure, frame and hardware that exclusive luxury kitchen cabinets should have.

High-Quality Kitchen Cabinets Structure

The structure of kitchen cabinets is paramount for stability and durability. Since they house drawers and doors that are going to be in constant movement while in use, they must withstand physical damage. They are often mishandled, banged shut and generally not treated with care.

quality kitchen cabinets supporting frameA solid hardwood frame with a solid back panel, plus one-inch thick solid hardwood panels on the sides will add strength and stability making the use of its components comfortable and able to endure wear and tear through the years. No sagging will occur, and the structure of the cabinet will remain intact, no matter the frequency of its use or the weight applied. Also, when installing pipes, plumbing or electric cables or sockets, cuts need to be made. In particle board it is necessary to reinforce the structure when this happens. Not so with solid hardwoods.

Solid hardwoods will also hold marble or any stone top with ease through the years, as well as any weight of appliances you need to add. The strain put on cabinets is immense. They carry dishes, pots, frying pans and their lids, bottles of oil, sauces, cans, etc. plus appliances. They carry hundreds of pounds. No worries with solid hardwoods; the cabinets are up to the task.


All our cabinets have a 1.5” frame of solid hardwood. It provides for overall stability and a better base for the hinges, allowing them not to become loose over time. A frameless cabinet will not last long with use.

Hardware: Hinges

Blum quality hinges for kitchen cabinetsKitchen cabinet hinges are very important. High-quality hinges aid in the smooth and efficient function of the doors. Poor quality hinges cause uneven, stiff and loose doors. Cabinet doors that open with difficulty get stuck, which will cause them to be unleveled. A quality hinge must have a slow closing mechanism built in, so the doors remain leveled and adjusted. It should also have six ways to adjust it so that the hinge can be readjusted when cabinet drawers expand or contract due to seasonal changes.

Hardware: Gliders

kitchen drawer quality glidersOur kitchen cabinet drawers use under-mount Blum motion gliders. They need an additional wooden structure that we install in the cabinet for each drawer to slide with ease, stability and support, causing the drawers to stay in their designed and desired position. This leads to durability of the drawer and prevents sagging no matter the weight you need to house in the drawer. The under-mounted gliders also provide for more drawer space because you don’t have to reduce the sides to install them.

functional kitchen cabinet drawerThe system we use is telescopic. It provides full and total access to everything inside the drawer, even what is in the back. Back straining or knee hurting is avoided. You can see everything in the drawer at a glance. Easy access, full overview and smart drawer organization make working in the kitchen a pleasurable experience.

Everybody has had the experience of dealing with lesser quality gliders that get stuck, interfering with the movement of opening and closing, or becoming unhinged because of the drawer’s weight. Gliders should ensure slow effortless motion, regardless of the force used or the weight of the drawer. The Blum motion gliders hold 65k or 143lbs. Your kitchen cabinet drawers should open as if by themselves.

Stay in touch with us and don’t miss our next articles with more about high-end kitchens and furniture. You can always contact us with any questions about our kitchen cabinet designs or other furniture pieces.

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